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Reason Why Window Tinting Fades

Window Tinting Films Protect Against Fading

LLumar window tinting films will block at least 99% of the harmful UV light rays from penetrating your windows, reducing the fading of furniture, drapes, carpeting, and other home furnishings.


As this graphic shows, Ultra Violet light is the primary source of fading caused by the sunlight. Additional causes of fading include heat, visible light, temperature, and humidity. Some delicate silks and dyes may still fade even with the application of window film, but for the vast majority of fabrics and furnishings fading will be significantly reduced.

UV Protection That Will Last

LLumar Window Films embed their films with UV filters that have shown to have minimal degradation over time. Most other manufacturers put their UV filters in the adhesive which will degrade significantly over time. While their film may still look fine over time, their UV filter will not be as effective.


Ease of Maintenance

LLumar window films can be cleaned with Windex or ammonia with no harmful effects to the film! Backed by a residential lifetime warranty, LLumar window films will give you years of protection and comfort.